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Some rules,
dos and don'ts
For your perfect master

At this side you will find plenty of tips, that helps you to provide the best audio to the mastering engineer.
It's important to provide a neat recorded file. Try to avoid noise, clicks and crackles. Be aware of sibilants and put an eye on the phase of your raw material. Don't use Limiters on the sum of your recording and avoid over-compressed tracks.  

If the file is not ready for mastering, we'll discuss with you what you have to do for a better result. If you are not able to do and your mixer is not available, we offer an extra service for this.
Please take notice of the following advice
Render a WAV-file from your DAW like Ableton, Cubase or Logic in 44,1 or 88,2 kHz and minimum 24 bit.
Avoid 48 kHz unless it's for DVD/Blue-Ray.
Digital Release
Render a WAV-file from your DAW like Pro Tools, Bitwig or Reason in 44,1 or 88,2 kHz and minimum 24 bit.
Render a WAV-file from your DAW like Studio One, Nuendo or FL Studio in 44,1 or 88,2 kHz and minimum 24 bit.
Render a WAV-file from your DAW like Pro Tools, Bitwig or Reason in 48 kHz and minimum 24 bit.
Please contact the mastering engineer if your material is for movies, Art installation or TV
After delivering  the first mastered sample material, you'll have the opportunity to let the song(s) get revised if something is not your cup of tea. Three revisions are free of charge.
Discount Option
If you are satisfied with the sample and give us order for the whole album (or EP), we will offer a discount. Don't be shy and ask for it.

Special Options

Stem mastering
In some cases it is better to compile a Stem Master. It is  comparable with mixing on a second stage. Let's assume your bass drum, guitars and vocals do not fit adequately. And furthermore, your mixing engineer is not available anymore. That's sometimes a mess, but mastering with stems may get you out of it. Additionally, mixing engineers favor to supply stems, regarding to the genre or specific tasks they cannot solve or work on. The mastering engineer may get you out of hell.

Analogue Mastering and Summing
If you like to have a little bit more MOJO, a special kind of taste, a glance, depth and wideness, you maybe need some analogue processing and summing. It is highly recommended to book the highest standard because your song lasts for a lifetime. We offer this service with the best hardware and you'll get a tremendous master that rocks!

Cutting Corners
Mastering is the last step before you release your album and become a superstar. This step is not for free and to skimp on this stage is not recommendable. Only a good audio quality is the way to the hall of fame...

To make a long story short: Get in contact with Mastering Deluxe of Hug the Pug Records. We will be part of your vision.

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