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The way to your
perfect master
is short
Trust the Pro

Certainly you'll find a lot of so called 'mastering engineers' in the web, but most of them are not qualified to do so. Mastering by Hug the Pug means, your master was produced by a best educated mastering professional.

Our mastering engineer was educated at the MASTERING ACADEMY of Hamburg/Germany, certificated in 2021.
Audio Distribution[ 01 ]

We offer a high standard, a State of the Art and an outstanding Mastering Quality of your raw material.
Restauration [ 02 ]

Crackles, Pops and Clicks, Sibilants and more were recorded in your origin material. It has to be removed, but you need special tools and an expertise for this excising task. We work with the standard tools, the best in the market for a neat and clean mix. Furthermore we have plenty of plugins, all of them little helper for your Audio Files.
References [ 03 ]

System of Ice [fb]
Distance Control
Marco Korda [hp]
Marcel Ruew [bp]
TIto K.
Blank & Blanker [BC]
Intense Focus [BC]

Mastering Deluxe by Hug the Pug Records
If you want to provide a physical medium, please use the following adress:

Hug the Pug Records
Mastering Service
Postfach 11 02
32423 Minden/Germany

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Alternative Booking Service
You can also book the service via SoundBetter.
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Stephan Chauvel, Mastering Engineer on SoundBetter

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